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Artistry with fabrics, textiles and light.

For over two decades, Colleen has brought her passion for designing spaces with enduring beauty to clients throughout the Chicagoland area.

With an extensive background in fashion, dressmaking, and custom fabric she brings a love for all things textile, always ready to go above and beyond to find the perfect material to make a room just right.

She’s built her reputation on recommending beautiful high-quality home decor that’s well-made and built to last. It’s all about the details. And Colleen knows what details to look for from sourcing upholstery that’s eight-way hand tied to selecting the ideal hand for a velvet drape. Colleen’s work defies the notion of cookie-cutter room design.

She digs into the details and sees your home’s potential to create a happier, healthier life..

Every element in her design is an opportunity to create something beautiful, evident in her sharp sense of color, mastery of window treatments, and how she draws in a room’s natural light. But she doesn’t stop at aesthetics, her approach to beauty also encompasses the lifestyle of everyone living there.

Whether it’s health-conscious choices for clients with asthma or allergies or making a temporary space feel like a forever home— her favorite part of every project is helping her clients live their best lives.

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