Finishes + Furnishings

Building a new home is an incredible opportunity.

You get to make every little decision—from grout color to hardware—and create a space in the ultimate version of your style.

But that’s also why it’s difficult.

These decisions will stick and there are potentially hundreds of them on a new build. Not to mention the challenge of making it all feel cohesive!

We’ve done this before and we know exactly what to do.

We’ll guide you through our personalized process to identify the overall tone and common threads that will draw your home together with an eye for flow and unity.

We’ll help define your style and work directly with your build team to source everything—from color palettes that’ll inspire the perfect mood to the right lighting, hardware, fixtures, and furniture.

When we’re done you’ll have a home that reflects what you love, with plenty of special attention to the permanent details you want to get right the first time.

This service can also include project management—working with your build team to get it all done beautifully down to the installation and styling.

Treat yourself to the support of a dedicated professional. Schedule a chat today!

Colleen is a dedicated professional whose knowledge of design goes above and beyond. She provides the best advice on furniture, finishes, and colors that best suit your own style.

—Patti | Chicago, IL

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