Bed Scarves: What Are They and Why Do You Need One?

Bed Scarves: What Are They and Why Do You Need One?

First: What are Custom Bed Scarves?

A custom bed scarf is a piece of fabric that drops down on both sides of the bed…basically a long runner. It’s a fabulous way to enhance your bedding by adding a bit of color, pattern or texture—especially if the sheets, duvet, pillow, etc. are in neutral or white tones! Essentially, a custom bed scarf may be the perfect thing to pull together and elevate the design of your bed.

This is about functionality too. A custom bed scarf adds charm, but it offers protection to the bedding.

Have you ever noticed that hotels often use them? That’s because people may sit or put their suitcases on the end of the bed to unpack.

Not only is it used as a protection, but it most definitely keeps the feet warm while napping. Beauty, comfort, and practicality? Yes, that’s right. All of the above.

Bed Scarves and The Best Fabrics

As with any piece in your home, you’ll want to choose the best possible fabric for your custom bed scarf. Most fabrics do work, however, performance fabrics are a fantastic solution—especially if you tend to sit at the end of the bed.

These would include fabrics that are durable and easy to clean. I tend to avoid delicate fabrics, like sheers or silks. Of course, fur or velvet are amazing options. I love to add texture!

Why Go Custom?

Customization opens up a world of options. We will determine the best fabric option based on both the functionality and design, coordinating the fabric to work within your room’s specific design elements.

Your custom bed scarf will be based on the width and drop that best fits your actual mattress and box spring sizes. With all the different mattress options (pillows, dressings, etc.), there isn’t a one size fits all solution. With a custom piece, there’s no need to worry about your bed scarf being too small or looking skimpy!

Custom Bedding By Colleen Mcnally
Rendering of Bedding with a Custom Bed Scarf

My Favorite Fabric for Bed Scarves

My favorite bedding ensembles include a machine washable matelassé as the base and with additional color, pattern, and texture added to the bed scarf and pillows. I often like to include a bed scarf due to practicality—matelassé does that and more. The scarf and pillows will require dry-cleaning and the matelassé can be laundered at home…the less dry-cleaning chemicals and bills, the better!

Bed Scarves Based on Season

I’ve designed several two-sided bed scarves so my clients can have a lighter look for spring/summer and a heavier look for fall/winter (the best of both worlds). In the picture, the bed scarf fabric is the same as the drapery. A fur scarf replaces this one in the winter, with a couple of fur pillows—it’s all about cozying-it-up for colder weather!

Winter Bed Scarf

Could your bed use a custom scarf? Are you using one already? Comment below or schedule a chat to discuss your project.

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    I have a White Matalese Bedspread with a apricot/beige room cor. the bedroom is small and can only have room for a double bed
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    I am looking for a scarf to enhance the room
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you iin advance for any information you can provide
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