Interior Design in Plainfield IL: How to Maximize a Water View

Interior Design in Plainfield IL: How to Maximize a Water View

How to make that gorgeous view a focal point—in any room.

If you’re fortunate enough to live close to the water in Plainfield, you’ll want to utilize interior design to make the most of the scenic views by creating an interior that seamlessly blends the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Here are some practical ways you can make the most of a water view, room by room.

In the kitchen, put careful consideration into the placement of your sink or island. These are the places you’ll likely be cooking and washing dishes, and a water view will certainly make those tasks more enjoyable.

Floor to ceiling windows are fabulous in a master bedroom (or any bedroom, really). Just imagine waking up to an amazing view of the river each morning.

In a bathroom or powder room, consider doing a custom mural that harmoniously incorporates the view from the window.

Put some thought into how you should configure the dining room table so that everyone who’s seated has an opportunity to admire the view. This might mean choosing a round table, or just getting creative with the seating arrangements or types of chairs you purchase.

In the family room, avoid oversized chairs and furniture that could distract from the view. If the scale of the space is large, you can break the seating into groups so that all the arrangements can take advantage of the different viewpoints. With smaller spaces, you can arrange the furniture so it’s all about the view, and go with a neutral palette, allowing the outdoor colors to come right in and be part of the design.

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How do you select a color palette that works well with a water view?

A cool color palette mixed with neutrals will play well with a water view. Think yellow and green, green and blue-green, or blue and blue-violet. That being said, there are a few challenges to working with a cool color palette.

First off, I recommend working with an interior design professional in Plainfield to select the right colors. The reflection of the water will enhance the undertones of the colors you’re working with, so a blue tone could look greenish, a taupe paint could cast a lilac tone, or gray could turn blue.

It’s best to paint a few boards to see how the colors look day and night. Also, if it’s a year-round home, a cool color palette can feel very cold when winter arrives and the view turns to ice.

So, what about those warmer tones? Can you include warmer tones all year round, and still make the most of a water view? The answer is yes and no. Winter is the perfect time to warm up the color palette with spice-toned textiles.

You could layer up the cozy throws and change out pillows. Warmer tones will look amazing in the fall if your water view includes trees, but in the summer months, a warm palette will isolate the view and keep it out of the room, which isn’t ideal.

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What about fabrics, prints, and furniture to enhance a water view?

Choose subtle tone-on-tone or solid fabrics. Smaller-scale patterns and patterns with a washed-out look are also great to use because they’re not distracting or overpowering. Sheers and lightweight fabrics are perfect for window treatments because they allow the light in and provide an informal look.

In terms of furniture selections, I like mixing clean lines with traditional pieces for a casual yet cozy feel. It’s a nice mix combined with a cool color palette. Avoid heavy chenille fabrics on furniture and opt for heavy-duty natural fabrics like linens and cottons. Outdoor fabrics work well too, and protect against the sun. Just avoid deeper wood tones, as they’re going to feel heavy, and will also take more abuse from the sun than lighter wood tones.

Where the furniture arrangement is limited, try using a perfectly placed mirror to bring the view into the room. The mirror, with its reflection of the water, will essentially become a piece of art.

For your floors, neutral rugs are best so the eye stays up, and isn’t distracted with a bold color or large pattern. For wood floors, choose a light to medium stain. Washed looks are perfect for the vibe, and will hold up nicely to sun exposure.

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Last but not least, what about window treatments? How do you accommodate two opposing needs: privacy and a view?

While you want to be able to take in the view and maintain an open and airy feeling in the space, you also don’t want to feel like you’re living in a fishbowl. I recommend window treatments that can be lowered or closed during peak sun times to protect your furnishings and your privacy, but still allow light in.

Screen shades and sheers offer that perfect balance. They block the UV rays, but not the entire view. I also recommend choosing designs that don’t take up too much of the window. Roman shades and traversing sheer draperies that stack off the window are a few of my favorite options.

It all comes down to bringing the outdoors in when you have a water view. And remember, if you’re lucky enough to live by the water, you’re lucky enough.

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